When in London…Visit The Apprentice House!

To continue with the theme of Apprentice blogs on Wednesdays, I will now tell you about the tale of when I went to see The Apprentice house that’s being used for this current series.

It was Friday morning, and I was pretty bored…so I decided to go on a spontaneous trip to London for the rest of the afternoon/evening. I got a Travelcard which meant the world was my oyster, even though I don’t own an Oyster Card (pun intended), so it was my golden ticket around London!

I decided to travel to London Blackfriars via London Bridge to have a nice look around the station which has been redevleoped over the past few years (still work in progress though). Then it was off on a random walk around London without any pre-planning on where I will go, just walking and walking and walking. So in my random walking to nowhere in particular I ended up in Farringdon, then kept walking straight and suddenly I was in Holborn. I’d read a few days ago that The Apprentice house for this current series was in Holborn, so my mission was to track it down!!!

I looked up and found the address, 6 Lincoln’s Inn Field (house valued at over £9.5 million!) and off I went!

And here’s a pic of the house!

House Two

It certainly is a luxurious place to live, the BBC has splashed out this year! Incredible to think that all of this years candidates were living in there, arguing in there and discussing tasks in there back in the Autumn of 2012!

Enjoy The Apprentice tonight! I went to The Apprentice: You’re Fired again on Monday (1st July) so I already know who gets fired tonight….!

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My Trip to see The Apprentice: You’re Fired

(An article about how Series 9 Episode 2 of The Apprentice: You’re Fired was recorded. Warning: contains spoilers)

To continue the theme of my Apprentice blogs on a Wednesday I will now answer the question that I’m sure many Apprentice fans have been asking…’I wonder how they film The Apprentice: You’re Fired?’. Well fear not, this blog will hopefully answer that huge question!

As previously mentioned I’m a MASSIVE Apprentice fan so every year since The Apprentice: You’re Fired began I’ve applied to be on the waiting list to be in the audience of the show…and this year I finally got through!

My tickets were to see the second episode in the series, the task where the candidates had to create a flavoured beer.

The Apprentice: You’re Fired is filmed in the Riverside Studios in Hammersmith, London, and I recommend that if you go get there early as the queue to get in is very long! Although you have your ticket and they have your name on the list, it’s still good to get to the front of the queue to get a good seat.

I walked into the famous studio with The Apprentice boardroom music playing in the background which only increased the excitement! Whilst walking in you’re handed The Apprentice You’re Fired/Hired cards…one of the most important parts of the show!

The floor manager then comes on and rallies the audience by getting us to practice our clapping for when Dara Ó Briain and the candidate come on. He then introduces us to the cameras and warns us not to use our phones or else we’ll be asked to leave!

We then watch the entire episode in the studio on one of the numerous TV screens…although Dara Ó Briain and the panel on You’re Fired aren’t watching it with us unfortunately. Once the episode is finished the floor manager returns to remind us that we can’t tell anyone the result of who got fired as this would ruin the surprise!

There’s then a small break whilst the TV screens on the stage are taken away and the cameras wheeled in…then the main man of the show, Dara Ó Briain, is introduced to the audience to cheers and claps! Dara talks to the audience and makes us laugh before the You’re Fired panel come onto the stage. The three panellists for this particular episode were comedian Ed Byrne, broadcaster Sara Cox and co-founder of Brew Dog, James Watt.

The camera checks are done and the floor manager reminds us to be nice to the fired candidate who’s likely to be very nervous so give him a good reception! Then ACTION! We’re off and running the cameras are rolling! The fired candidate Tim Stillwell comes out to a great reception (probably because he was such a nice guy) which I’m sure relaxed him!

Then the show is filmed in full until the big moment for the audience comes as we’re asked whether Lord Sugar was right or wrong to fire the candidate. Hold up ‘You’re Fired’ if you think he was right or hold up ‘You’re Hired’ if you think he was wrong. I held up You’re Hired as I thought Lord Sugar got it wrong…and so did most of the audience!

The filming of the programme went on for about 45-50 minutes which meant they had to cut down a far bit to get it down to the 30 minute programme. Once the recording is done the floor manager tells us that some shots need to be redone, so he tells Dara and the panel which parts of the show they need to do again…and basically say the same thing they said before! We were quite lucky as only a few bits had to be recorded again.

Once the production crew are happy with the cut we are told to leave the studio section by section. However, before we go I had to get a quick photo of me with the You’re Hired card as a memento of the day. Then we leave the studio and unfortunately have to give the card back 😦 And then that’s it, all done!

So when Wednesday came I was sitting there whilst watching The Apprentice rather smug having already known who got fired! And here’s The Apprentice: You’re Fired episode I saw…but I don’t think you can see me in it though!

Overall it was an unbelievable experience that I’ll never forget!

And you can apply for tickets on the Lost in TV website to be part of the You’re Fired audience.

Thanks for reading my blog and enjoy The Apprentice tonight!


The Apprentice Quick Fire(d) Q&A’s

Due to my university exams and assignments I’ve neglected my blog for sometime…however now I’m making it my mission to blog a bit more!

With The Apprentice on tonight, and because I’m a MASSIVE fan of the show, here are some quick fire or quick fired questions and answers on my views of all nine series’ of The Apprentice. Let’s go!

Favourite Ever Series: Series 3

Favourite Ever CandidatesRaef (Series 4), Ansell (Series 2), Tre (Series 3), Lee (Series 4), James (Series 5), Tom and Susan (Series 7), Gabrielle and Nick (Series 8), Tim and Jason (Series 9)

Favourite Type of Tasks: Interviews, finding items from a list, design tasks, advertising, week one selling tasks

Favourite Ever Task: Series 4 – Buying a set list of items in the marketplaces of Marrakesh, Morocco

Favourite Winner: Tom (Series 7)

Best Firing: The double firing from Series 4 of Jennifer and Jenny during the Marrakesh task

Most Useless Candidate Ever: Noorul (Series 5) Absolutely hopeless!!!

Most Annoying Candidate Ever: Helene (Series 4) Think she was horrible to everyone…

Funniest Candidates Ever: James (Series 5), Jim (Series 7), Tre (Series 3), Syed (Series 2), Paul (Series 2), Jason (Series 9)

Apprentice Candidates I’ve Seen/Spoken to: Chris (Series 6), Joy (Series 6), Tim (Series 9), Kate (Series 5), Ricky (Series 8)

I’d love to hear your answers to these, or if you have any other questions, please do comment 🙂

Enjoy The Apprentice tonight!!!

It’s not just any Café. It’s the Bridge Café from The Apprentice!

020213 102From the outside it looks like your typical café. From the inside it looks like your typical café. And, well it’s actually just a café. But, for a fan of The Apprentice, The Bridge Café is one of the landmarks that the show is known for.

For those not familiar with the Bridge Café it’s where the candidates from the losing team from the task on ‘The Apprentice’ go to contemplate and discuss why they lost the task, and what went wrong, before one of them gets FIRED!

Located in West Acton, London, near Ealing Broadway, the Café is a family run business owned by Frank Marcangelos, and last year celebrated its 50th anniversary! Frank was incredibly welcoming, great to talk to…and makes a fine cuppa! His family were there also and were extremely friendly too.

Whilst I was there Frank wasn’t that shocked by my excitement or the fact that I took quite a few photos of the inside and outside. He says that he gets it all the time…in fact when I was there three other people did the same. I spoke to him ‘briefly’ about The Apprentice, as I’m sure he gets it all the time. He did say that the current series (likely to begin in late March) had scenes filmed there between September to late November, and he did say this years candidates were ‘a nice bunch’…

WP_000255 (2)

For me, this was one of the places that I had to visit being such a huge fan of The Apprentice…and it was quite surreal actually being in there, even though, it’s just a normal café.

The décor of the café isn’t that glamorous, as it looks like a regular greasy spoon café, but it was absolutely brilliant being in there and did feel rather special considering it’s an iconic Apprentice place. Also contrary to popular belief it’s filmed inside the café and not a studio!

When I was in there I thought to myself that many candidates have been in here nervously discussing what went wrong on the tasks before one of them hears the dreaded words of ‘You’re Fired’!

I couldn’t leave without buying a memento of the day! So I bought an exclusive ‘Bridge Café You’re Fired’ flask. Quite an incredible purchase!

Before we left one of the family members mentioned that the taxi ride scenes when the candidates are fired were filmed just down the road. I had to take up the chance to see this! So I went and had a quick look at the building where the candidates walk out before getting the taxi home, again feeling rather excited.

It was quite a memorable day for me…and I can’t wait for the next series of The Apprentice to start now!

WP_000261 (2)

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Here are some more photos!

020213 103WP_000259 (2)

WP_000271 (2)WP_000258 (2)