Doing a bit of Travelling Here and There – Part Two – Frying in Freiburg

Now it’s time for part two of my holiday adventures, and this blog is going to concentrate on my week-long trip to Freiburg in Germany.

The main purpose of the trip was to go and see my friend who goes to Freiburg University and who’ve I’ve known for about six years.

Over the week I engaged in many fun expeditions. The first of which was a nice tour around the city to get to grips with the local area, restaurants, bars and shops that I’d be visiting over the week of my trip. The city centre is one of incredible heritage and historical buildings with a modern tram system running through the city.


(Freiburg City Centre)

The second day of my trip entailed going on a long hike up Freiburg’s many forests and green areas. This was a great way to see the city, and as you can see the view was simply stunning! Perfect photo opportunity!












After a long day of hiking it was off for a BBQ Freiburg style at one of my friends’ friend’s house. This included A LOT of beer and lots of delicious sausages. Could you ask for anymore than that?!


(The view of the lake from our BBQ)

After a late night the next day was once again more of a look around the local area…before the big event of the evening. At night hundreds of students descend on the city centre in one particular area… to drink! It was amazing seeing students just sitting on the floor in groups and drinking on a warm July evening. What made the experience even more thrilling was getting to drink some beautiful German beer out of an oversized bottle. You can buy the large bottle for something like €30-€35, and whenever you want it filled up it will cost you €5! That’s right you read it right, just €5 euros for like a million pints of fine local beer.


(Lots of students congregate on the city centre)



After another pretty late night (bit of theme occurring here isn’t there?!), it was off on the train and bus to Germany’s biggest amusement park and the second biggest in Europe, EUROPA-PARK. This is split by country, so naturally the first area I went to was England, or Britain in this case. With rides everywhere you look (and nice long queues too) it was the perfect place if you’re a thrill seeker for that sudden minutes rush on a fast rollercoaster. There were so many of them! Ones that were made entirely of wood (pretty scary), ones that were inside and in total darkness (pretty scary…again) and massive ones outside (very scary!) I managed to go on the second largest one in the park, with my head down and eyes closed for the entire ride.

And here is that monster rollercoaster


 (Monster rollercoaster)        


(Wooden rollercoaster..scary!)

There were more relaxing rides, and the occasional water based one where you got a good socking which was very appreciated in the mid 30 degree heat!

It’s pretty knackering going on these rides especially in such warm weather so it was nice to get back and…sleep!

One of my favourite moments of the trip came on the Saturday when I got to go to a football match. The game was a pre-season friendly between Freiburg and Athletic Bilbao. The whole day was a family fun day so there loads of food stands and competitions for children and their families to participate in.

The game itself however was a boring 0-0 draw. This was expected considering it was a pre-season friendly, but more so because it was one of the hottest days of the year with temperatures peaking at 38 degrees with it being considerably hotter on the pitch. This meant that the players had to take a drinks break every ten minutes which naturally slowed the game down. Despite the game being uneventful there was a superb atmosphere within the ground and it was great to get a sense of a typical German style crowd and the kind of support and songs that go on there


(The ticket)


 (Great atmosphere within the ground)


 (The game)

The rest of my time in Freiburg was a mix of more sightseeing, drinking in bars and eating fine German cuisine. Overall the trip was incredible. Freiburg is one of the most beautiful and picturesque cites I’ve ever been too, and many of the people I spoke to consider it to be one of the best in Germany. With awesome food, very hot weather and probably the best beer in the world I’ve tasted, Ganter Beer, it was one of my favourite holidays ever. I’d definitely recommend it!

Thanks for reading, and please feel free to comment 🙂

Next time it’s my one stop tour of Basel!

More Pics










(Ganter Beer…incredibly delicious)










(Beer from the huge bottle brewed onsite)










(Another great view)