Delivering the First Post

Digital Greetings!!!

I’ve been thinking about writing a digital type blog for some time now…and I’ve only gone and done it.

This blog is a digest of the digital news and views which I come across on a daily basis through searching the great World Wide Web or any thoughts that come into my head.

This blog records my thoughts on anything to do with digital marketing, whether that’s social media, websites, design, mobile, SEO, affiliate marketing, email marketing, advertising…the list is endless…

This blog is off the back of my Twitter account (@digitalstuart, just thought I’d plug it) where I tweet about the latest digital news stories and views in this incredibly faced paced and dynamic industry.

One thing I’ve already noticed is that the word ‘blog’ isn’t a recognised word on a blogging site…quite ironic!

My first ‘real’ digital post will be here soon…