It’s not just any Café. It’s the Bridge Café from The Apprentice!

020213 102From the outside it looks like your typical café. From the inside it looks like your typical café. And, well it’s actually just a café. But, for a fan of The Apprentice, The Bridge Café is one of the landmarks that the show is known for.

For those not familiar with the Bridge Café it’s where the candidates from the losing team from the task on ‘The Apprentice’ go to contemplate and discuss why they lost the task, and what went wrong, before one of them gets FIRED!

Located in West Acton, London, near Ealing Broadway, the Café is a family run business owned by Frank Marcangelos, and last year celebrated its 50th anniversary! Frank was incredibly welcoming, great to talk to…and makes a fine cuppa! His family were there also and were extremely friendly too.

Whilst I was there Frank wasn’t that shocked by my excitement or the fact that I took quite a few photos of the inside and outside. He says that he gets it all the time…in fact when I was there three other people did the same. I spoke to him ‘briefly’ about The Apprentice, as I’m sure he gets it all the time. He did say that the current series (likely to begin in late March) had scenes filmed there between September to late November, and he did say this years candidates were ‘a nice bunch’…

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For me, this was one of the places that I had to visit being such a huge fan of The Apprentice…and it was quite surreal actually being in there, even though, it’s just a normal café.

The décor of the café isn’t that glamorous, as it looks like a regular greasy spoon café, but it was absolutely brilliant being in there and did feel rather special considering it’s an iconic Apprentice place. Also contrary to popular belief it’s filmed inside the café and not a studio!

When I was in there I thought to myself that many candidates have been in here nervously discussing what went wrong on the tasks before one of them hears the dreaded words of ‘You’re Fired’!

I couldn’t leave without buying a memento of the day! So I bought an exclusive ‘Bridge Café You’re Fired’ flask. Quite an incredible purchase!

Before we left one of the family members mentioned that the taxi ride scenes when the candidates are fired were filmed just down the road. I had to take up the chance to see this! So I went and had a quick look at the building where the candidates walk out before getting the taxi home, again feeling rather excited.

It was quite a memorable day for me…and I can’t wait for the next series of The Apprentice to start now!

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Here are some more photos!

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