#PutYourBatsOut – How Social Media Remembered Phil Hughes

Yesterday saw the tragic news of the death of Phil Hughes, an Australian cricketer who passed away after being hit in the head with a cricket ball. Like everyone I was totally shocked by his passing having watched him play for Australia numerous times against England in The Ashes. But also being cricketer myself and playing as well as captaining my local team every Saturday in the summer, when something like this happens you feel it more. You empathise. You know how something like this can happen having experienced the game of cricket. It affects you a lot.

Social media reacted to the passing of Phil Hughes with numerous fitting hashtag tributes such as #RIPPhilHughes #63NotOut and #408. But the greatest tribute was the hashtag #PutYourBatsOut which asks people to place their bats outside, started by Paul Taylor, an IT worker from Sydney. It was such an amazing idea and one that pays huge respect to Phil Hughes.

The power of social media especially on Twitter and Instagram ensured that this tribute went viral and that people put their bats out as a mark of respect. It’s incredible how these trends can snowball, and because its for such an amazing cause it makes it even better to see. People that don’t follow cricket or might not have heard of Phil Hughes have put their bats out and paid their own tributes. Thanks to these hashtags the social media world can find out more about the Phil Hughes and what an incredible player he was.

He was such a talented player who’s life was taken away far to early. But the memories of Phil Hughes will remain and the #PutYourBatsOut tribute is such a fantastic way to remember him.

Here’s my tribute to Phil Hughes. RIP.



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