How can Instagram improve as a Social Network

Instagram is such a wonderful app for both people and businesses. But as the social media landscape evolves and networks develop, there is the opportunity for them to improve. As a regularly user of Instagram for my personal life and for the business I work for, I’ve become frustrated with certain things at the moment you can’t do on the app.

Here’s a selection of a few of them:

Enable ‘Regramming’

One of the annoying things about Instagram is if you see a really good photo, you can’t share it easily to your Instagram audience. There are apps you can download to do this, but it’s not as easy as it should be.

Share Active Links

When you share a photo with a link in it that link isn’t active, thus you aren’t able to click on it. This again can be a frustration especially if you want your audience to access your website or a specific page.

Desktop Access

Due to Instagram being an app, you can only access and set up an account from a smartphone or tablet. So it would be advantageous if you were able to create an account through your desktop. Although you can see someones account and login via the desktop site, you still can’t search for hashtags or check notification activity.

Verified Accounts

There are many people out there that are pretending to be brands or celebs, so a simple verification tick, like Twitter and Facebook would add greater authenticity to the social network.

Be able to Click on Profile Pics

This one isn’t a frustration, more a nice thing to have. Like with Twitter it would be nice to expand someones profile pic, just to see them up closer, obviously.

So those are just a few improvements that Instagram could be working on. Do you have any others? If so please do share them.

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