Why Real-Time Marketing is the Way to Go

Many marketing or social media campaigns are developed in advance to when they’re launched, but recently many brands have used social media to create real-time marketing  (RTM) opportunities.

RTM in the social media context is posting whilst something is going on, such as an event. For example, Cadbury recently did live tweeting on the Brit Awards 2014, with humorous content updates on the winners.  This has seen Cadbury looking to further embrace with RTM in the future, indicating its huge potential and growth.

Therefore, there’s a huge market for this as bands can come up with innovative and creative content whilst events are going on. Simply by using the events hashtag they’re immediately in the feed of the event where they can potentially get noticed. This is a great way to gain new followers, create awareness and engage with the audience.

It also illustrates that the brand is up to date with current events and trends, and thus is tapping into that market, as no -one wants to associate themselves with a brand that’s out of touch with its audience or culture!

It wouldn’t surprise me if in the future more and more brands start to (hash) tag along with events that are going on as a way to sell their products, create brand awareness and engagement. Watch out this evening for that at The Oscars!

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