The Aims of Social Media

It’s no secret that social media is expanding at a considerable rate, however, for companies there are different reasons as to why they have a social media presence. This blog is going to provide an overview on some of the main aims of having a social media presence, with Twitter and Facebook the main focus..


One of the main reasons for having a social media presence is to inform the company’s audience. This could be anything from the latest product release to a new deal that’s on offer. But social media has the power to reach millions of people just through something as simple as a Facebook status update or a Tweet. The key here is to ensure that your audience is updated with whatever you are offering so they can engage with it or undertake the appropriate calls to action.


After a company has informed its audience it then must engage with them, whether that’s your Twitter followers or people that have Liked your Facebook page. Engagement comes in many ways from responding to someone that’s commented on a status update to answering a followers question on Twitter. But the key to social media engagement is to listen to and respond to your audience.


A third aim of social media is to create awareness of the company’s brand which can come through informing and engaging too. Therefore, there is a clear overlap here as a company will inform its audience whilst at the same time engaging with them to create awareness. But if a company has just launched, social media can provide this initial awareness to generate interest in the company. For instance, something as simple as setting up a Twitter account and tweeting relevant content and following/retweeting the right accounts can form that essential awareness at the company’s inception.  


Finally, all three of the aforementioned aims can all be achieved by providing effective and creative content. By creating something such as a promotional viral video or a really interesting update can inform, engage and create awareness of the company’s brand. The more innovative, engaging and creative the content is, the more likely it will generate awareness and see the audience respond to it favourably.

So that’s a few quick aims of social media, and as you can see they all interrelate quite nicely which makes it much easier as when content is created it can have such a powerful effect on a company since it can be used to inform, engage and create awareness.

Thanks for reading and please feel free to comment. For more digital marketing news please follow me on Twitter @DigitalStuart and or sign up to my blog 🙂


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