The Benefits of having Multiple Twitter Accounts

When we set up our Twitter accounts we usually have an intended purpose of what we’ll use them for and what kind of message we’ll promote from it. However, there might come a time when you want to set up another Twitter account, that’s right, double the fun! This blog is going to highlight why I use TWO Twitter accounts and what benefits this has for me.

Of course setting up a Twitter account begins with the very first thing, your username. I set up my personal Twitter account over three years ago, and used the handle @StuartElleray, mainly because I wanted people to know it was me, but also as it was available and would make life easier!

This account began with me tweeting anything from football to food to the weather. However, a year later I began tweeting some digital marketing stories from it. But this got me thinking that the audience for people that want to know where I’m on holiday and those who want to find out about marketing are very different. 

As a result I set up my current main professional one, @DigitalStuart. This account has a sole purpose of tweeting nothing but digital marketing, social media and business news stories and blog posts. The audience I’m trying to reach here is professionals in the digital marketing and business world. Therefore, I’m following only people that are in that sphere, such as social media managers in London or marketing directors in the US, or a well-known social media blogs or marketing news sites. 

For this account I follow a vast number of digital marketing professionals and accounts, and at the moment I follow 1,793 accounts, so pretty high. Also I’ve got to date 747 followers, many of whom are professionals or businesses in the industry. I don’t actually follow any of my friends from my @DigitalStuart account, as my interest from that account is purely on digital marketing and business. 

My personal account however is very limited and restricted. It’s in fact a protected account as I like to keep my personal one out of public viewing. Not because I tweet controversial things, far from it, but more I like to keep it quite low in terms of who I follow and who follows me. This is evident as I only follow 98 accounts and have 81 followers. In this account I follow my close friends or those that actually have Twitter. I prefer keeping it small as there’s not too many tweets to sieve through and I can keep up to date more easily with both my friends and importantly news about sport and the world.. Whereas, from @DigitalStuart I wouldn’t be able to digest nearly 1,800 followers updates! 

My main theory is that I really like having two Twitter accounts as they both have a different goal and intended purpose. Also managing them via TweetDeck is extremely useful both on my laptop and phone. 

Although some people have said to me that you need one consistent brand identity as this is what you’re known for. I’d agree with that in the case of say something like BBC News who only need one account to tweet about the main stories. But even they have other sub-accounts like BBC Breaking News, BBC World News,  BBC London News and many more, so here there are multiple accounts. Even something such as Twitter has a main account but also a ‘support’ account too, as do many other brands.

Therefore, I feel that having multiple Twitter accounts is very good as it provides a different message from each and segments your audience well. 

Thanks for reading and please feel free to comment. For more digital marketing and business news please follow this blog or me on Twitter @DigitalStuart….or if you like my personal one! 😉


2 thoughts on “The Benefits of having Multiple Twitter Accounts

    • Thanks mate 🙂 Yeah I do need to jump on the Hootsuite bandwagon. I currently use TweetDeck which is really good too, but I think I’ll definitely download it now and have a go at using both.

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