Traditional Media vs. Digital Media – The Differences

With the expansion of digital media in recent years it has overtaken the traditional media of TV, radio and print. However, it could be argued that they can complement one another well, and each have their own unique aspects. This blog is going to provide a quick overview of the main differences between Traditional and Digital Media.

In the blue corner we have traditional media, who’s been around for many years and has the experience. And in the red corner we have the new kid on the block ready to disrupt the market, digital media!

Quick fire differences, go!

Traditional Media

  • One to many communication
  • Mass marketing that’s not targeted
  • Monologue message
  • Focuses more on branding than communication
  • Supply side thinking
  • Customer as a target
  • Segmentation
  • Mainly offline techniques
  • Aims at mass awareness
  • Doesn’t use many insights or data for decision making

Digital Media

  • One to one or many to many communication
  • Personalised, mass customisation and targeted
  • Dialogue
  • Focuses more on communication than branding
  • Demand side thinking
  • Customer as a partner – CRM, feedback
  • Communities
  • Predominantly online techniques used
  • Awareness created through targeting
  • Uses customer insights and data to help with marketing strategies and decisions 

So there’s a nice quick summary of the main differences between traditional and digital media. Perfect if you’re in a rush! Thanks for reading and please feel free to comment. For further digital marketing news please follow me on Twitter @DigitalStuart,


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