Doing a bit of Travelling Here and There – Part Three – Browsing Basel

Welcome to the third instalment of my holiday travelling in the summer. Today’s edition is my brief trip to the third most populated city in Switzerland, Basel.

The reason for the brief (about seven hours) trip to Basel was that I was flying out from Basel Airport back to London after my trip to Freiburg later that evening. 

When we think of the Swiss we think of clocks, chocolate…and Roger Federer..and the first thing I was confronted with was indeed a large clock. 


As you can see this picture was taken at 2.23. Very ‘handy’ having this clock here. 

The main idea of the day was to ‘baselically’ kill time and do a bit of wandering around one of the most famous Swiss cities. 

There are loads of really cultural and heritage like buildings throughout Basel that provides an indication of the city’s image and identity as the following pics show.




Like Freiburg there’s a tram system around the city which includes old-fashioned trams, the kind you’d expect in Blackpool. 


The town centre wasn’t that busy, but you can imagine on a warm evening the city centre is packed with people!


After a nice stroll around the city and a spot of lunch it was off to sit in a nice park..until my bus to the airport! 


Overall I wasn’t that impressed with Basel, there wasn’t really that much to do or to see there. Admittedly I was only there for a day, but apparently according to my friend with I was with I’d pretty much seen everything there was to see! I was going to title this blog ‘Boring Basel’, but that would be harsh. I’m sure there’s more to do…but a day trip to Basel might not be the best place to do that. However, it’s got some lovely buildings and food, and great to experience a bit of the Swiss culture. 

Next time it’s the fourth and final part of my travelling adventures as I make the trip to Cyprus! 

Until then, many thanks for reading and please feel free to comment 🙂



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