The Apprentice Quick Fire(d) Q&A’s

Due to my university exams and assignments I’ve neglected my blog for sometime…however now I’m making it my mission to blog a bit more!

With The Apprentice on tonight, and because I’m a MASSIVE fan of the show, here are some quick fire or quick fired questions and answers on my views of all nine series’ of The Apprentice. Let’s go!

Favourite Ever Series: Series 3

Favourite Ever CandidatesRaef (Series 4), Ansell (Series 2), Tre (Series 3), Lee (Series 4), James (Series 5), Tom and Susan (Series 7), Gabrielle and Nick (Series 8), Tim and Jason (Series 9)

Favourite Type of Tasks: Interviews, finding items from a list, design tasks, advertising, week one selling tasks

Favourite Ever Task: Series 4 – Buying a set list of items in the marketplaces of Marrakesh, Morocco

Favourite Winner: Tom (Series 7)

Best Firing: The double firing from Series 4 of Jennifer and Jenny during the Marrakesh task

Most Useless Candidate Ever: Noorul (Series 5) Absolutely hopeless!!!

Most Annoying Candidate Ever: Helene (Series 4) Think she was horrible to everyone…

Funniest Candidates Ever: James (Series 5), Jim (Series 7), Tre (Series 3), Syed (Series 2), Paul (Series 2), Jason (Series 9)

Apprentice Candidates I’ve Seen/Spoken to: Chris (Series 6), Joy (Series 6), Tim (Series 9), Kate (Series 5), Ricky (Series 8)

I’d love to hear your answers to these, or if you have any other questions, please do comment 🙂

Enjoy The Apprentice tonight!!!


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