Can you Notify me if Twitter needs Notifications

For my first real blog post I thought I’d start with a small topic.

So I was just thinking about social media earlier this evening, as you do, and it suddenly occurred to me that Twitter doesn’t have a notifications feature on their website. I mean there might be one… but I haven’t seen it yet! They have a notifications feature on their app, so when someone mentions or follows you, a notification pops up. However, unlike with Facebook and LinkedIn, who both have a small red notification icon, Twitter doesn’t seem to adopt this on their main site.

This feature has always been prevalent on Facebook, as this is where the notion of the notification came from. LinkedIn didn’t have this feature until recently when they introduced the ‘Flag’ notification icon. This is a red icon indicating the number of notifications you have, possibly when someone has looked at your profile. This new feature on LinkedIn has been very handy, and overdue.

Twitter would benefit I feel with introducing such a feature, as whenever you’re on the main site there isn’t really anyway of getting a notification if someone has mentioned, retweeted or followed you. There is that small blue circle on your inbox which indicates a direct message, but who reads them…?!

The typical way to find out about a Twitter notification is that you receive the update on your phone or email first before realising it on the website page. Obviously, you could download a social media dashboard or management tool such as TweetDeck, Hootsuite or Twitterfall, and get these notifications appearing on your screen, or just keep up to date on your mobile and email, but surely something as simple as a small notification feature is an important ingredient Twitter is missing?.

Of course there is an argument to suggest that this feature isn’t really needed on Twitter as they’ve never created it, like the chat service isn’t really applicable…but if you have a notification feature for the app and on some other platforms, it wouldn’t hurt having it to improve the users experience.

Anyway, accessing Twitter’s website is still common for most people, so just a small icon could be of use to us in order to reply to those very important tweets that we write about what we had for dinner, or where we are…

So if I was a TV programme, stay tuned for more digital posts and thoughts which I’ll be delivering to you.

In the meantime if you agree or disagree or just want to discuss something, please feel free to comment on the post. You can also follow me on Twitter @digitalstuart, or follow this blog via the button on the right hand side. Woooo thanks!



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